The Best Headlamps for Hunting

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Are you looking for the best headlamp for hunting? Maybe you’re out looking for raccoons in the night or big game at dawn, and you need specific light combinations. Or perhaps you just want to see around the site when you’re camping after sunset and want a reliable flashlight to guide your step.

We’ve got all the best choices of headlamps for you. From green and red to impressive, long-range white lights, we combed through dozens of options to find you the best headlamps available.

These are the best headlamps for hunting that we reviewed.

Buying Guide

Every hunter has their personal taste in their flashlight. You may prefer a super bright lamp or lights with a specific color combination. It’s good to keep in mind all the key features that come in handy in a hunting scenario when you’re choosing your new headlamp.

Headlamp vs. Flashlight

While some may like the maneuverability of a traditional flashlight, it’s always better to have your hands free, especially when you’re working, need to carry a weapon or packing a lot of gear. In these circumstances, you need to have a light that allows for free movement.

With a handheld flashlight, you’ll surely get more angles. They may also be more sturdy, and sometimes even more powerful. However, with LED technology, headlamps can now pack flashlight-type power in a small space and can come with a high lumen output. Headlamps also have adaptable angles that allow a wider range of vision.

If you’re not ready to give up your handheld light, you can always keep one in your pocket for extra safety and maneuverability.

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Color Options

Colors are an essential feature for those who hunt at nighttime or in the early morning. Red, green and blue lights will help you see around you in the dark without spooking game or affecting your night-adjusted vision.

Red is the most widely available color option in headlamps, but a green light is usually easier to see. Some hunters also like to get a purple handheld flashlight that lets them follow blood trails better. Other colors include an amber light option that’s best for nighttime fishing on the waters. It also doesn’t attract bugs while allowing you to see well.

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Beam Distance and Type

The ability to vary the distance and width of the beam in headlamps is valuable for in camp and when you’re guiding yourself along a dark trail.

You’ll be able to see exactly where you’re going with a long, focused beam type of light. A wide floodlight lets you scan your immediate surroundings fast and effectively. Most headlamps don’t feature a strobe light option.

The headlamps we included in our list are all-powerful and will allow you to see over a hundred feet on max outputs. All the headlamps also have adjustable beams, so you can go from wide to narrow lights with a quick twist or click of a button.


This is a key feature for any quality hunting light as part of your outdoor gear. Look for headlamps that offer water resistance, or even better, submersion. Most products will have an Ingress Protection IP rating to let you know how effective the waterproofing is.

Depending on your environment, the time of year and season, you may need your new torch to tolerate anything from fog or light rain and drops of water to low temperatures or storms. If you’re using it for fishing, consider choosing a lamp that will work even if you drop it in shallow waters.

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Power Source

You’ve got three basic options for powering headlamps: rechargeables, replaceable, or hybrids that can run on either type of battery.


A rechargeable battery pack is an eco-friendly option. You won’t have to spend regularly on replacements, which is especially important if you hunt a lot.

However, on longer periods of time spent in the wild, you’ll need more battery power, but you may not have access to electricity every day. That means you must carry an additional power bank or a solar charger with you.


Replaceable batteries are sometimes a pain to find. You can buy standard AA or AAA batteries pretty much anywhere, but you must remember to buy spares.

The perk is that you can carry as many packs with you as you need for your hunting trip. If you’re well-stocked with extra batteries, you won’t have to worry about running out of power in the middle of the woods.

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Hybrid batteries use a rechargeable battery as their primary power source, but you can use them with a replaceable battery too. That makes them very versatile. On the one hand, you’ll save money on batteries in your domestic life. On the other, in a setting with no electricity, you’ll still have light if you carry extras.

The Best Headlamps for Hunting on the Market Today

We’ve gone through dozens of different models to find the best headlamp for hunting. We looked at level of brightness, versatility, quality, settings and weight, to bring you a range of options.

These are the best products we found available today.

Streamlight 61070 BuckMasters Trident

Streamlight’s hunting headlamps are versatile and complete enough for most hunters. The white light has three brightness levels and three beam settings that go from wide to narrow in various distance modes. The maximum beam distance in the narrow spot is 400 feet.

The light output of 80 lumens for white light is not the brightest, but the two green light settings from three green LED lights make this a great option. They’re enough to maneuver in the darkness, but not so much that you’ll spook the game. Six lumens of light are usually enough, but the 20 lumens mode is bright enough to illuminate 85 feet.

This torch weighs 8 ounces and is impact resistant for a 6.5-foot drop. It’s also IPX4 waterproof, that’s enough to handle average rain. The lamp works three AAA lithium or alkaline batteries that’ll give you 64 hours of battery life on the lowest setting.

You can fit the adjustable straps over a cap or a hard hat, and there’s a strap crossing over your head to make sure the lamp doesn’t move around. The headlamp manufacturer includes an elastic and rubber head strap to suit all your needs. The flashlight can tilt its angle 90 degrees down if you need to see what’s happening at your feet.


  • Impact and water-resistant.
  • Two green-light modes.
  • 90-degree adjustable angle.
  • Long beam.
  • Affordable.


  • Bulky.
  • Not the brightest lamp in our review.

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No products found.

This model comes with no straps, but with a soft hunting cap that you can attach the light to. The setup is easy, and you get a powerful lamp with many functions.

The flood beam is bright at 1000 lumens and can reach up to 275 yards on the highest setting, some users say even further with night vision in clear weather.

It has three different brightness settings in the white mode. It also has red and green lights that you manage with an easy-to-handle rotating switch. The green lights are designed to preserve night vision when you’re hunting at night and avoid spooking deer.

The lithium battery pack offers up to 6 hours on max outputs, 12 hours on medium, and over 20 hours on low. It should last you a few days in the wilderness if you’re careful with your time usage. The product comes with a home charger and a car charger for easy usage.

The whole setup is heavy at 19.3 ounces, but it’s well distributed. The rechargeable battery pack is in the back, which gives it some balance. Having the torch attached to a cap makes wearing it more comfortable.


  • Bright.
  • Easy to install.
  • Red and green setting.
  • Comfortable use with a cap.


  • Pricey.
  • Bulky and heavy.

GearOZ Coon Hunting Headlamp

This is another cap-attached light that is impressively bright and long-range. It can reportedly cover up to 800 yards in the ultra-bright mode using a beam of light at 1000 lumens. It also has a red, green, and amber setting that can handle up to 15 hours of use before running out of battery.

This bright headlamp has six different lighting modes, there’s ultra-bright, normal or dim white light, and a red and green light for better night-adjusted vision. An amber mode for fishing is also an option for light output. It’s rain and dustproof, and versatile enough for many situations.

The rechargeable headlamp uses the 18650 type of batteries, so if you’re spending a long time or several nights in the woods, you’ll need a portable battery charging pack.

A full charge takes from 6 hours to 8 hours and will last between 10 hours and 30 hours, so you’ll easily be able to get a full night of hunting. It comes with a charger for a wall outlet and an additional one for your automobile, in case you don’t have access to mains electricity.

This model is heavy but comfortable to wear on a hat. It has a higher price point than others we reviewed, but it’s not expensive compared to many pricey hunting lights. Overall, it’s excellent value if you’re looking for cool features and lots of power.


  • Versatile range of settings.
  • Impressively bright.
  • Long beam.
  • Additional car charger.


  • Heavy, at 2.2 pounds.
  • Pricey.

Nitecore NU25 360

The Nitecore NU25 is a compact, lightweight headlamp that will come in handy in many situations on and outside your hunting trips.

It has a powerful, wide beam with four adjustable brightness levels, able to reach up to 88 yards. There’s a turbo mode in the power settings that you can use for 30 seconds at 360 lumens.

For hunting, this hands-free headlamp includes a red light of 13 lumens to preserve night vision and a warm High CRI beam of 20 lumens. It also has a flashing red mode, perfect for signaling, and as an emergency light.

At 1.9 ounces, with the headband included, the Nitecore lamp is very light. It’s also compact enough to fit it into your jacket pocket. That makes it a versatile torch you can have with you for everyday use, as well as running, camping or hiking. It’s also water and dustproof, with an IP66 rating, so you can take it with you in any weather.

This quality headlamp recharges fast with a basic micro USB charger. You’ll get a good 16 hours worth of runtime from a single charge on a low setting. On the high setting of 190 lumens, the battery life is about 5 hours. The Nitecore has a battery indicator light, which is a good benefit to know exactly how much time you have left.

You can use the light when charging, which comes in useful if you’re out and relying on an additional battery charge pack.


  • Versatile and usable.
  • Lightweight.
  • Slim design.
  • Affordable.
  • Battery level indicator.


  • No green light.

Fenix HL30

Fenix’s affordable hiking lamp is on our list because it comes with such great additional features for hunting. At 2.5 ounces, it’s lightweight, and the design is compact and comfortable. It’s IP67 weather protected, so you can use it for visibility in rain or fog with ease, plus it’s impact-resistant up to 3 feet to give it a longer life of durability.

This lamp comes with a stable red light to help you maintain your night-adjusted vision and a flashing red light for security signaling. It has a wide 80-degree floodlight setting, along with a narrow 20-degree spotlight. You can also tilt the beam 60 degrees down to see what’s happening at your feet.

This LED headlamp works with two AA alkaline batteries, so you won’t have to worry about recharging on longer stays in the woods after dark. Its light output of 300 lumens is enough to see for a distance of up to 164 feet. The maximum runtime on the lowest setting is 200 hours.


  • Bright.
  • Compact and lightweight.
  • Reflective headband.
  • Affordable.


  • No green light mode.

No products found.

If you’re looking for a firm, flexible and solid headlamp with a lot of power, this could be the right option. Fenix’s HL60R has five output modes, including a turbo mode using 950 lumens and a high mode of 400 lumens. These are incredibly bright settings, and usually, even the middle option of 150 lumens is plenty of light output.

The maximum beam length of this torch is 380 feet. For hunting, it also has a 1 lumen red light. It’s enough to see in your immediate surroundings without bothering others in camp, but not much more. The lamp has a memory for the last mode used, and the beam is soft and even.

It weighs 4.3 ounces and has an IPX8 waterproof rating, which means it can even endure submersion in shallow water.

As far as the battery goes, this model has the best of both worlds. It’s rechargeable but also works with the backup CR123A batteries that come in the package.


  • Powerful light.
  • Waterproof for submersion.
  • Hybrid battery.
  • Lightweight and comfortable.


  • The red light setting is low.

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After testing all these products in the list and weighing their strengths and weaknesses, we concluded that the Nitecore NU25 360 is the best headlamp for hunting available right now. 

Sometimes, the best products come in small packages, and this one is no different. It’s a solid, durable product you can fit in your pocket to carry around in your day-to-day life, but it packs enough power and versatility for hunting and fishing, too.

The battery is rechargeable for everyday use, but it has durability and a battery level indicator, so you’ll always know what power you have left. In terms of features and performance when it comes to headlamps for hunting, you need look no further.